Suspended Babirye reveals why Netball Executive dragged NCS to Court

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Denis Musanje

The Uganda Netball Federation Executive Committee through its lawyers of Luzige, Lubega and Kavuma Co. Advocates has dragged National Council of Sports to court.

The Uganda Netball Federation and sports governing body National Council of Sports have been in wrangles over the issues of governance and accountability since 2021.

After a series of meetings between the Netball Federation and NCS, the Minister of Education and sports Janet Kataha Museveni told Sarah Babirye Kityo to take a leave of three months and replaced by Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso as investigations in regards to the issues of accountability go on.

While addressing the press on Tuesday, suspended Babirye revealed why they opted to drag National Council of Sports to courts of law

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“We were stack, we don’t know now where to go because we have been everywhere; IGG, Auditor General, Attorney General, PAC but still with all these reports in our favour and pinning NCS, they think the best option and what they could do to hide all this mess is to withdraw our certificate that’s why as UNF we decide to go legal, we don’t want to be like Kickboxing, let’s go legal at least Ugandans will know that we have tried to defend the sport that we love so much.” Said Babirye.

Babirye also refuted NCS claims against her leadership

“National Council hates us and the are so biased when it comes to issues of Babirye being a leader of the Netball Federation, they are capable of doing anything. If I am to comment about that letter, when we came into the office, we found one account for the Federation, it was in Stanbic bank and it was a savings account.We agreed as executive, let’s go to the AGM and we seek for permission to have many bank accounts to which they accepted and appointed our bankers; Stanbic bank, Bank of Baroda,DFCU, Equity Bank, we might not have opened up accounts in all these banks but this is what we agreed from the AGM of 2022.” Said Babirye as quoted by Voice of Bugerere

This month, NCS wrote to Uganda Netball Federation threatening to revoke their certificate if they don’t reveal their sources of funds and why they have six bank accounts in Equity bank.

NCS pinpointed three principal areas of concern, which include an interim Court order, issues related to the UNF’s Constitution Amendment, and persistent governance challenges.

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