USSSA reveals 2024 Activity Plan and new guidelines

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The Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association (USSSA) has confirmed the activity plan and new guidelines for the year 2024.

This was during a press conference graced by the USSSA President Justus Mugisha at the USSSA headquarters at GNZ Plaza, Old Kampala.

Mugisha addressed a host of issues that ranged from the new player transfer guidelines, competition format, rules and regulations, slot allocation to the activity calendar.

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Mugisha said that USSSA advocates for every student to play at least one hour a day and that a sports day should be mandatory in every school.

“We have spoken to the Ministry of Education and sports through the Department of Physical Education and Sports that sports’ day will be mandatory for every school. Each school must participate in at least 3 inter-school competitions”Mugisha said.

In other developments, Mugisha revealed that all teams will play the same number of games during the 2024 competitions as all positions will be competed for.

“On competition format all teams are going to play the same number of games , after the group stages are eliminated teams will play classification games which means all positions are to be competed for.” He added.

There has been a limit on the number of foreign players per team and an established limit on the number of athletes who can move from one school to another in the same discipline in the same year.

Mugisha said that among the new transfers guidelines is that players who are on bursary can only move to another school with consent from the former school while those who are not on bursary can move freely.

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In terms of capacity building, Mugisha revealed USSSA has trained a total of 7524 people in the areas of coaching, refereeing, umpiring, media, first aid and injury management in football, netball, volleyball, basketball and handball.

In 2024, USSSA has already organized the Elite Games held in Jinja a week ago but will also organize the Fresh Dairy Secondary Schools games, the National Football Boys Championship, National Ball Games II and the Secondary School National Swimming Gala.

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