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What a win! How else can you win such gigantic cash if not with ForteBet’s Aviator?

Can you imagine the happiness that these lucky winners got after staking just 2,000UGX and 1,000/= and ending up unbelievably winning 500 million and 250 million respectively in an eye-blink!
“Truth is, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I have been betting before but the maximum amount I won was just 650,000UGX,” the 500 million winner said while picking his cash. He added that, \”I’m going to buy my own taxi, build some rentals as well as doing some other investments.”
On receiving his cash, the second Mbale-based punter; a personal driver noted, \”I have no special trick that I used, but just the usual staking and waiting for the outcome. Only that, you have to be strong hearted always if you want to win big money.\” He added, \”At first, I deposited 10,000/= I lost most of it up to when I was left with 3500/= 0nly. I took a hard decision, staking 2500/= on one side and 1,000/= on another side. I left the side of 1,000/= to run until it won for me 250 million. In short, I won 250 million from 1,000/= in less than one minute.”
On what he’s going to use this money for, the winner noted,
\”You know when you have just won big money like this, the brain will be ‘hot’. So, I will need to first take time and think, but my first plan maybe building rentals so that I also start sitting and waiting for money at the end of the month.\”
All this cash was handed over to the winners by ForteBet’s ambassador, Alex Muhangi and media personnel, Resty Namugema
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