BIKA FOOTBALL: Ngabi Nnyunga, Ndiga and Mmamba match on to the round of 32

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Njaza overturned the first leg results of the Bika Byabaganda Football tournament to progress to the round of 32.

Baker Lukooya and Ivan Kalyowa scored each for Njaza their 2-0 for Kibe to put the game to level 2-2 on aggregate.

The two sides headed to penalty shoot outs and Njaza progress on 5-3.

The first leg that was played at Lukuli Kirombe grounds had ended 2-0 in favor of Kibe.

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Dan Mzee Sserunkuma and Kenneth Musumba who scored in his own net were the goal scorers for Ndiga that eliminated Nkusu 3-0 on aggregate.

Ndiga had won the first 1-0 courtesy of Patrick Kagulire.

Record champions Mmamba Namakaka progressed to the round of 32 on aggregate 5-2 dispite suffering a 1-0 defeat to Nkerebwe.

Ayub Ssekazza scored the only goal in the game for Nkerebwe.

Ngabi Nnyunga and Mpeewo played to a goalless full-time draw only for Ngabi Nnyunga to progress to the next round on 4-3 in spot kicks.

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The first and second leg of the round of 32 will be played on Friday 10th and Sunday 12th May respectively.

Round 64 return leg results

Nkerebwe 1-0 Mmamba Namakaka (Aggregate 2-5)
Ngabi Nnyunga 0-0 Mpeewo (Aggregate 4-3) penalties
Ndiga 2-0 Nkusu (Aggregate 3-0)
Kibe 0-2 Njaza (Aggregate 2-2 Njaza progress on 5-3 penalties)
Nsuma 0-1 Nvubu (Aggregate 1-2)
Mmamba Kakoboza 0-1 Ngaali (3-1)
Kayozi 1-0 Kasimba (Aggregate (1-3)

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